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Anschutz is a news site 100% powered by RSS feeds that automatically update hourly. Categories fed are: medical marijuana, medical news, psychedelic medicine, cancer therapy, cannabis trends, CBD Oil, Videos and Live Twitter feeds.

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Portfolio 1

Bonnie Jennings

Hailing from the Piney woods of East Texas, Bonnie is an artist, a novelist, a registered nurse and a near-death survivor. Cat Dubois’ Odyssey to Enchantment was written before her near-death experience…

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Portfolio 2


Whether you have an Air BnB, a guesthouse, a small cottage or an out-of-the-way, unique lodging…Netizen can cover all your bases. This theme highlights your offering, it’s location, the features, booking arrangements and spotlights things to do in the area. Plenty of room for videos and photos along with all of your lodging info and it sure beats trying to do all this on your Facebook page!

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Portfolio 3


Concerts, Music Groups, Events, Gatherings, Classes and more. This theme takes your events and happenings and highlights them so everyone can keep up-to-date and know when to purchase tickets and show up. Includes the Event Calendar, Bookings, MP3 samples and downloads in addition to featuring your event info on the Landing page.

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Portfolio 4

The Aquarius Bus

The Aquarius Bus, a metaphysical emporium covers: Alternative Health, Artificial Intelligence, Astrology, Dystopia, Energy Work, Essential Oils, Extraterrestrial, Food, Global Collapse, Herbal Medicine, Hidden History, Numerology, Prophecy, Remote Viewing, Survival, Tarot, Time Travel and Yoga (to name a few).

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Portfolio 5

Appalachian Trail

Fred is a rather unlikely A.T. thru-hiker, endeavoring this challenge at the ripe old age of 62! And while he’s an avid outdoorsman at this point in his life, that hasn’t always been the case.

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