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Idea Girl

an out-of-the-box creative with more than a decade of design experience including 8 years of elementor designer & developer.

Responsible for bringing concepts to life for clients such as Adam Carolla, Bumpit Bowl and Valentino Dixon in addition to developing product launch sites for Kickstarter products. The impetus behind Metamorfasis Elementor designer & developer services involves taking a simple idea and creating a breathtaking concept for a new site or product with a custom design. I specialize in small business ventures, gathering minimal content but producing maximum results. The end result is an easy to maneuver site that’s all about the business and their offers, getting the final click that’s needed.

I work exclusively with WordPress day in and day out as an Elementor designer & developer creating custom designs for your business based on conversations & listening. It’s by far the most scalable platform with the ease of versatility baked-in.

For a business website, it’s extremely important that you, the client, be able to easily add content, make edits, check accounts and move around with ease in the backend of the site. Yes, you can have a one-of-a-kind site that’s both striking and aesthetic at the same time without the added expense of a hand-coded site by employing an Elementor designer & developer. At the same time, you won’t be sacrificing creativity, features, functions, speed or SEO.

Customizing WordPress using Elementor creates a site that’s ‘understandable’ & ‘maneuverable’ instead of confusing & frustrating, as in attempting to edit a hand-coded site. I believe custom coded themes have their place in the WordPress ecosystem – just not for most businesses. After all, your time is best spent developing ideas for your business. Not learning code. For that reason, my WordPress Design Portfolio embraces page builders, and specifically Elementor custom designs.

"Make sure your time at work is spent on developing ideas
that will grow your business."

Who is an Elementor designer & developer?

Designers, Developers or...a Devsigner?

The difference between a WordPress Designer and a WordPress Developer is the exact same difference between a Front-end Developer and a Back-end Developer. The Front-end Developer specializes in the design, layout, user interface, colors, fonts, etc. while the Back-end Developer brings in the code that makes it all work the way that it should.

Most folks who identify as ‘Back-end Developers’ tend to enjoy writing and editing the code that makes the magic and they tend to operate more in the left-brain capacity while ‘Front-end Developers’ tend to be more right-brain oriented. That’s not to say that there aren’t those of us that operate more in the center brain, so-to-speak.

In essence, you probably wouldn’t want a highly talented coder building the front-end, graphical, design portion of your site. And likewise, it wouldn’t be wise to hire a designer to create a new plugin for you. But, there is a new definition in the WordPress world today that brings in both halves of the brain into development and that would be the entry of the ‘Devsigner’.

The Devsigner is capable of creating the design and layout for the site, building a custom site and also wrapping up the technical stuff in the backend such as a store, a learning management system, a members site and such. Skilled Devsigners also have a working knowledge and proficiency with HTML and CSS along with the basics of Javascript, Security, Servers, SEO, Site Speed and a latitude of other skills. In essence, the client can come out really nicely by employing a Devsigner who can take the entire site from start to finish by using an Elementor designer & developer. Otherwise, the client can end up hiring two distinct individuals for one job or having a designer mess up the back-end with a store that doesn’t actually work. And, on the alternate plan, a back-end developer can create lots of custom code and a working store but the site can end up looking like your Grandmother built it in a day.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your website, all the different combinations of titles along with technical skillsets all seem to have their place in the WordPress ecosystem. If you don’t have to have a particular function custom-coded for your site, then hiring a Devsigner who is an Elementor designer & developer may be your best choice. You’ll need to verify everything tech that you want included and make sure that your potential hire can build those, adapt them or find a nice replacement that’s simpler.

When hiring for your website,
you may want to consider a few non-traditional thoughts:

1. Hire only for the design in the 1st level. From there, you can hire them to complete the next level. It’s often wise to build a site using milestones so that everything gets tested and approved in each portion instead of being overwhelmed at the finish.
2. Keep it simple. Only include exactly what you need for the 1st round.
3. Consider building a one-page site where a few other pages simply link from those sections that you decide to include.
4. Be open and receptive to new ideas and design
5. Look for someone who has experience with User Interface; in other words, the menu system and the graphical user interface. You may not need a menu at the top of the page depending on your demographics and the content.
6. Remember, there are many ways to get to where you want to go. You just need to find that person who’s open to taking a break to see the sights.

In the end, your new website should absolutely be striking and eye-catching but also laid-out well so that the user doesn’t need to look around to find what they came there for. Otherwise, your 30 seconds are up and that user has moved on, never to return.

The quality of the design should always be foremost and from there, everything else needs to work the way it was intended to and that includes the language of the site. So, test everything and check for typos and funky images and make sure that the site loads quickly.


"This is my second project with Alicia! She is awesome! The best Elementor designer & developer I have worked with in over 5 years. She is always one step ahead of me. I would highly recommend her for any project. Alicia is worth every penny she charges...more than fair."
Elementor Designer & Developer 1
wayne volack
"Alicia went above and beyond, making sure I understood what was needed and adding some of her own creative knowledge to the new website design. I absolutely love the end result and look forward to working with her again as my new venture grows."
Elementor Designer & Developer 2
Elizabeth Reynolds
"Alicia is superb. She went way beyond what is expected to ensure that I was completely satisfied and well on my way to manage on my own. Excellent timing, knowledge, skill and responsiveness. I'm sure that my next task will be with her."
Elementor Designer & Developer 3
Youssef El Deeb

Your website’s architecture is incredibly important for both user experience and SEO. If it’s built poorly, it won’t stand for long because users will ultimately leave after a very, very short period, never to return. You only have about 30 seconds to entice today’s users to look around.

"develop your website's architecture with the end-user in mind. not you."

The time you invest in a well-thought-out linking system (which starts with the menu) will pay off in the long run with search engines, seo and user retention. Just think of the website architecture as a rooted tree similar to a genealogy chart. That’s what you want to achieve; you want everything to end up connected. Again, choosing a skilled Elementor designer & developer can accomplish this for you. 

If you didn't register your domain name,
you may not be in control of your website.

Register your own domain name, keep your login info for that host, don’t give your password out to anyone and pay the yearly renewal. If anyone ever gets control of that domain hosting account, you can lose that domain and never get it back. If you do, you could end up pay ransom fees to obtain it again.

Hosting companies and servers are not equal;
they are also not all independently managed and owned."

In the world of media group buyouts and the merging of 100’s of companies into a mere 6 controlling conglomerates, website hosting companies have unfortunately not been exempt. There are many hosting companies out there that are actually owned and run by the same company! They pretend to be lone companies and make lots of promises. Actually, the number of these companies is pushing 100 in total! What you’ll end up with, if you choose one of these companies based solely on price, is poor customer service, a slow server, tons of ‘paid options’, meager allotments and problems. Make sure to talk to your new Elementor designer & developer before purchasing hosting. The scams can end up costing you dearly in the long run.

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If you’d like to hire me I contract through codeable, a firm that prides themselves on placing the top 2% of WordPress developers in front of 22,000 top-notch clients. If you’d like to know more, you can find out why to hire with codeable here. If you’d like to know more about Metamorfasis Elementor designer & developer services, please check out my portfolio.

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A full-stop web design and deployment agency, equipped to design a custom website, from your specs, which we arrive at from direct conversations and written replies. Our goal is to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom built site that is easy for you to update and edit using Elementor Pro.

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