alicia guidry

Idea Girl

An out-of-the-box creative with more than a decade of design experience.

Responsible for bringing concepts to life for clients such as Adam Carolla, Bumpit Bowl and Valentino Dixon in addition to developing product launch sites for kickstarter products. My forte is in taking a simple idea and creating a breathtaking concept for a new site or product with a custom design. I specialize in small business ventures, gathering minimal content but producing maximum results. The end result is an easy to maneuver site that’s all about the business and their offers, getting the final click that’s needed. 


"Alicia went above and beyond, making sure I understood what was needed and adding some of her own creative knowledge to the new website design. I absolutely love the end result and look forward to working with her again as my new venture grows."
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Elizabeth Reynolds
"Alicia is superb. She went way beyond what is expected to ensure that I was completely satisfied and well on my way to manage on my own. Excellent timing, knowledge, skill and responsiveness. I'm sure that my next task will be with her."
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Youssef El Deeb
"Alicia is an exceptionally talented web designer and coder. I have wanted a very specific website to represent my business and brand for many years now and she helped bring it to life in the most imaginative way. I cannot recommend her highly enough for any website and coding projects. Outstanding service and work in every way. Thank you!"
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John Matthias
"This is my second project with Alicia! She is awesome! The best developer I have worked with in over 5 years. She is always one step ahead of me. I would highly recommend her for any project. Alicia is worth every penny she charges...more than fair."
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wayne volack
"Alicia, not only gave me more than what I had envisioned. She was kind enough to take the time and really get to know me and what my project was about. I look forward to working with her further on this project."

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Todd Coldiron
Coldiron Detail
"Alicia delivered both a customer experience and a project that I loved. She was professional, helpful and a great communicator. She understood my brand and my project objective; delivering a website that was strategic in thought and design. Highly recommend."
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Jenny Petty

Hire Me

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