Metamorfasis FAQs

WordPress Managed Hosting FAQs Based On Benefits

WordPress Managed Hosting FAQs Based On Benefits

WordPress Managed Hosting FAQs Based On Benefits, where you host through us, is fully maintained by us. You will never have to update the core WordPress, update your theme or update plugins. Should anything fail, we also fix it for you. We pay careful attention to security and lock down your site to prevent malicious sources from taking control. All of the updates are done on a daily basis so your site never gets compromised.

Is this service a contract?

No. This is a one-time fee to build your website, add your content and images and present your business in a professional manner.

Can I upgrade my site?

Sure. If you find that you need more functions and options, or a Shop, drop us an email.

How do I sign up?

Go  →  HERE. Pick a design, choose a payment method and look for your Welcome Email. Send us your documents and media and we’ll take it from there.

Do I have to use your hosting for my site?

Yes, you do. We only build sites that we maintain on our optimized WordPress servers.

How long will it take until my new site is live?

As soon as we receive all of your documents, images and other media, along with your payment, your site will be up for a live preview within 96 hours. After we complete all tweaks with you, we will push the site to your server where it will be live.

What exactly is included?

You will receive a website of your choice, customized for you or your business, hosting for a full year, a domain name for that site, an email address for that domain and managed maintenance for a full year.

Do you offer custom websites if I want a specific look or layout?

We do and that’s not a part of Metamorfasis. If you’re interested in a custom site, message us  →  HERE.

Do you provide logos, content writing or hi-resolution images that are legal to use?

If you need a basic logo, some content to fill a section or hi-resolution images, we can assist you with that for a small fee. Otherwise, we can recommend reputable companies that you can check out online.

Will I be able to add, delete or edit products in my store?

You will. You’ll receive a login to the store where you can add your product text, image and price. We have a short tutorial on that and it’s so easy my Mother can do it.

Do I have to build my site?

No you don’t. Our service takes your content and media and customizes the site for you. You do not have to do anything and we provide the hosting and a domain name.

How much is charged for hosting and maintenance?

Hosting and maintenance of the site is free for the first year. You only pay for the site. After that, hosting and maintenance are billed annually at only $180. That breaks down to $15 monthly to not have to maintain the site and host it.

Does your plan include a dedicated email address?

Yes, it does. We set that up for you.

Do you offer support?

We do! When you sign up, you’ll receive a link to our support site where you can open a ticket, view how-to videos and some other stuff.

What countries is this service available in?

The service is available in all countries with the exception being this: your site will only be viewable in the English language. The ecommerce designs are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.

What happens if I cancel service?

If you decide to cancel your service, you will have a backup of your site and can use it as you wish.

Can you provide legal images?

We can. If you need images that are legal to use, let us know ahead of time. We charge $7 per optimized image.

How do I cancel service?

Just shoot us an email letting us know that you are cancelling.

How do I get a domain name?

Your .com, .net or .org is free when you get a site built with us.