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Cheryl Schoen

‘I have had a lifelong love affair with photography. I think it began in 6th grade and just continued over the years. I am self taught and have had the opportunity to hone my skills with friends, family and through my world travels. Creating images with my Canon is deeply personal to me and time with my shutter is something I relish. Although my initial career path led me into the world of medicine (I am an RN, as well), I allowed myself to delve into my creativity after the not gentle nudge of my spouse and many friends.’

Freight Big Bold

portrait, san diego, ca., canon, shutter, travels

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Cormorant Garamond

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A full-stop web design and deployment agency, equipped to design a custom website, from your specs, which we arrive at from direct conversations and written replies. Our goal is to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom built site that is easy for you to update and edit using Elementor Pro.

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