A la carte website design

A la carte website design is here!

With a la carte website design, I’ve taken the ‘get a bid’ approach out of building a website and tried to tone it down with an easy-to-use cart. All you do is check what you want for your site and you have an instant price before your eyes. Could it be any easier than that?

Your Content...or Not

My business model is really quite simple; you tell me all about what you do and I design it, write it, curate the images, collect unique media, set your server up, activate your domain name and migrate it over. You’re LIVE! and you never lifted a finger.

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The Process

Keep It Simple. Choose only the features you want & need for your website ‘a la carte’. Pay for your website. Upload any content or images to me. Take a few minutes to complete my online form so we have a starting place. Sit back and relax while I curate your entire site and set it up.

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Going LIVE!

You’ll be able to view your site LIVE! throughout the process and make any changes and tweaks before we launch. I’ll take care of all the technical stuff so you can concentrate on building your business.

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an organic process by which a website develops after the birth pangs of a business model have been identified.


A portfolio of some of my favorite WordPress small business sites.
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Sites Built

Service Accts.

Logos Designed

Cups Of Coffee

Curation. Aggregation.

Media is acquired from both online content aggregators (websites which bring together into one place digital copies from disparate sources) and the content providers themselves (the institutions who will often hold the physical object from which the digital copy has been made).

WordPress Maintenance Services

If you’ve ever been robbed, that sinking feeling of being violated never seems to leave you. I’ve had numerous clients who never knew that their sites had been hacked and that they were actually feeding other attacks. By ignoring updates and backups, you’re not only running old code, but you have made your site a target. If you don’t change the oil in your car, eventually, you’re gonna be walking.

I maintain a small fleet of WordPress sites on a daily basis. There are scans for file changes, malicious text and characters, potential intrusions, holes in security, system updates and worldwide attacks. Let me state that worldwide attacks are happening every second of every day and you are a target. In addition to real-time monitoring and server security, my maintenance service also provides all updates to themes, plugins and WordPress core. If an update breaks your site, I fix it. If a plugin goes out, I replace it. If something happens to your site, I migrate a backup into position. You’re never out-of-business.  Maintenance Services >

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