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My business model is really quite simple; you tell me what you do and I design it, add your content, can curate images, collect unique media, set your server up, setup email and migrate your new site over. You’ll be L I V E and you never lifted a finger.

Memberships sites can be daunting for the beginner in spite of the advertising that claims plug-n-play. We supply every WooCommerce extension that’s needed to totally setup your new membership area and configure your payment info so you’re ready to go make money. Our setup saves you hundreds in yearly renewals.

We’ll not only setup your new store and configure your payment info, but we’ll also supply all of the premium WooCommerce extensions that are needed to power the site. You only need to supply the content and rest assured that you’re ready to start selling.

Premium WooCommerce Plugins Included!

Save hundreds on the complete package.

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A portfolio of some of my favorite WordPress small business sites.

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WordPress Maintenance

If you’ve ever been robbed, that sinking feeling of being violated never seems to leave you. The majority of clients never knew their sites had been hacked and that they were actually feeding other attacks. By ignoring updates and backups, you’re not only running old code, but you have made your site a target. If you don’t change the oil in your car, eventually, you’re gonna be walking.

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